Please, as loyal followers, give me your honest opinion on my question. Usually, Likes of my posts are enough to keep me going, but I need some real, heart-felt feedback on this one. The fate of mankind is in the balance. And you know I don’t jest. I fly my flag proudly. So here it is, would you rather be Satan disguised as Jesus or Jesus disguised as Satan? Cosmically, there are few alternatives, but these are the two options you are faced with and to Satan’s and Jesus’s best abilities, which are considerable but diametrically opposed, they must approximate the others’ ultimate goal, heaven or hell. Stop the presses!!! There is a third option, someone who by the standards and norms of today’s society might be labeled mentally ill: bipolar, schizophrenic, multiple personality disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, with an under-arching chasm of depression looming beneath it all, all apocalyptic triggers to one’s standing in society. The leprosy of the 21st century. But what if, such a person was born already one with their soulmate. One was whole, there were no two and all of these terrible mental afflictions rolled into one sea of perfect chaos on your terms, not society’s, was your soulmate. There was only love in whatever form it took. There is a caveat if you choose this third option and see it to it’s end. This is no ordinary love. With it comes responsibility. Long story short, this love must shine bright enough that the world becomes a perfect union, and yes, it is possible, of heaven and hell but to do this you must break your perfect union and search for one another against great odds to once again be reunited FOREVERMORE (and all the goodies that come along with it.) That is your third choice. Please ponder and pontificate. I’m just asking this once. Thanks a million.

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  1. Working from the theological base, happiness (heaven) is a respite from terror or guilt (hell): and since both these conditions exist within us in life, not as mystical destinations beyond the grave, then yes, they are one. And both must have its entity, because you cannot fully enjoy happiness without having experienced terror or guilt. It is the guilt emotion that interests me, because arguably it is the one aspect of hell you cannot turn your back on without irresponsibility: therefore it might be said either that guilty people are condemned to (a life in) hell, or the pious are, in fact, feckless and irresponsible – hence my suspicion about ‘christianity’.
    Did a person called Jesus actually exist? Possibly not. It is more likely he began as a concept – the ‘Celestial Messiah’ promised to the Jews – and grew to an entity in the romantic mind of early Christian Rome.
    Does love exist? Possibly not. It is more likely to have found its roots in the male need to procreate, and the female need for protection, and to have grown to a celestial entity amid the carnage of untidier times. So Jesus and love are synonymous, focal points of instinctive animal behaviour. Instinct is, after all, the essential driver to us all. the instinct to breed and raise our progeny in a protected environment. Therefore ‘love’ – or a first intense phase of intimacy, must last at least until our young can fend for themselves – seven or eight years is the norm.
    We are, after all, only another animal species. The trappings our sophisticated brains have developed are no more than that. Studying behaviour in other species will show us that they do not live beyond the immediate stimulus. They don’t, for example, feel guilt – at least, not for long. They learn from it and move on – they are too busy surviving to have time for all the other stuff! We were like that once: unfortunately we seem to have forgotten it, or assume we are somehow apart from it.
    So, in conclusion – I know, thank God! – the oppositions we create within ourselves are luxuries of our over-evolved intellect. We make our own conflicts as a kind of entertainment, if you will, an enrichment of life. The relationship of partners is always a conflict of entities, suppressed for as long as it is necessary to protect their issue. Complete monogamy, in humans, is not a natural state. The relationship between tribes, however, is something quite different; a control of population and a need for power
    that the most needy will unfailingly manipulate to satisfy their ambition. It has always been there and will always be. ‘God’ will always be on their side. The tribe upon which their acquisitive eye has settled will always be seen as evil. Focal points of love are powerless against this because they are acquired behaviour, not instinctive. therefore the drem that we all might ‘live as one’ is sadly just that – a dream.

    Well, you did ask us to pontificate!

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for this well-thought out and insightful take on my question. I agree with almost everything you said. The ambiguous nature of love, the concept of Jesus and good and evil. Nature is here for us to give it meaning. The only thing that I disagree with is the ultimate oneness of the human race. I think it’s an inevitability. I would love to have further discussions about this topic and will be posting some thoughts and ideas that hopefully spur and focus and, dare I even say, answer some of these questions. Thanks again for your interaction.

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