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I’ve experienced racing thoughts my whole life. For a number of years, I tried everything I could to slow these thoughts. It left me lethargic and depressed. Five years ago, I decided to try a different tact. FULL SPEED AHEAD!!! At faster speeds, the environment including the people I come into contact with have a digital quality consisting of a repeating three part gambol, the first and second components, combinations of two types of energy, push and pull, with the third component ending in one of the individuals absorbing the other one’s energy. The empty vessel was 99.9% of the time instantly refilled with a basic energy pattern, almost childlike. These are just my observations in the same way posts on Digital Hegemon represent what I see. Four years ago, the empty vessels started remaining empty. No new energy replaced the lost energy. I suppose in religious terms, I witnessed a rapture. The empty vessels would begin a loop of a new three part gambol that, at first glance, looked kamikaze, just downward spirals. Walking, talking anti-christs. Those people still containing energy would react violently towards the empty vessels which in turn would increase the ‘death’ spiral’s speed. Quite a dilemma wouldn’t you say? This is the story of how I fell in love with the world.

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