D|gI+al +EaCHes ©


An untrained memory is practically worthless; it is like an abandoned
library. Its data must be coordinated by judgment, and played upon by
skill; it resembles a great Organ which requires an organist.

By classifying simple impressions, one obtains ideas of a higher order;
the repetition of this process gives a structure to the mind which makes it
a worthy instrument of thought. And this means enables one to retain, and
to bring at will from their quiet resting-place, a thousandfold the number
of facts which would overwhelm the untrained memory.

At will! Here is the great key to proper selection, that one should
resolutely remember all facts that may be useful, and as resolutely forget
all those impertinent, to the True Way of one’s Star in Space. For so only
can one economise the mnemonic faculty; and this is to say: no man can
begin to train his memory duly until he is aware of his True Will.

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