mY sEcOnD fAvOrItE ©


Well now…this was certainly a page turner. What other novel starts off as your typical antebellum Southern Gothic romance, but quickly veers off onto all sorts of unlikely but equally tantalizing tangents? Years in Africa dealing in the slave trade (not to mention an absolutely harrowing account of the effects of smallpox on an over-loaded slaving vessel)? Check. Traipsing about Europe enthralled by a lover who also happens to be a superbly gifted coloratura? Also check. And then back again to a Tara look-alike upriver from New Orleans and beset with its own fiery brand of red-head? Check, check.✓  The novel Fairoaks, written by Frank Yerby, of course, wrought by Guy Falks, the overbearing protagonist, as your very own walking-talking Southern Gentleman’s 101…a real success story and I ain’t just whistling Dixie.

It must not be overlooked that the author was black, which gives the plot an unusual perspective and how did this movie not manage to get made in the ’50s, starring Clark Gable, or at the very least, Howard Keel, I will never know? C’mon now, give a guy what he wants.  Nite now.

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